Infrastructure Report Card

Dallas’s Able Pump Station was recognized for engineering excellence and covered in the Infrastructure Report Card.

Press Release – Dallas Able Pump Station

September 19, 2023, DALLAS, TX — An award-winning pump station in south downtown Dallas that protects residents from the Trinity River today was showcased by the national Engineering and Public Works Roadshow as an example of how infrastructure investment can improve the resilience of a community, protect residents, and encourage economic growth. The Able Pump… Continue reading Press Release – Dallas Able Pump Station

Dallas Able Pump Station

On Tuesday, September 19, 2023, the Engineering & Public Works Roadshow series made its third stop, this time in Dallas, Texas, at the award-winning Able Pump Station. The Roadshow celebrated the sump station’s contributions to resilience and safety for a four-square mile area of Dallas that had been inundated with frequent flooding events for years prior to… Continue reading Dallas Able Pump Station

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