What is the Engineering & Public Works Roadshow?

Far too often, we only pay attention to our infrastructure if it fails. We take well designed infrastructure for granted because it seamlessly enables us to drive to work, fly on vacation, instantly communicate, or readily access reliably clean water. The Roadshow’s mission is to remind the public and policymakers what good infrastructure means to society, the economy, and the environment. We also want to encourage the next generation of engineers and public works professionals to enter our industry and help develop clean, equitable, and sustainable infrastructure.

Who Are We?

The Engineering & Public Works Roadshow is a joint effort by the American Council of Engineering Companies, the business voice of America’s engineering industry, the American Public Works Association, representing America’s public works professionals, and the American Society of Civil Engineers, the professional society for America’s civil engineers.

Together, these organizations represent the nexus of the professional engineers who design our infrastructure, the engineering firms that employ them, and the public works agencies that maintain and extend the built environment’s operational lifespan. ACEC, APWA, and ASCE represent the building blocks of the built environment.

What is the Built Environment?

The built environment encompasses the homes and buildings we live and work in, the roads, bridges, transit systems that facilitate transportation and commerce, and the distribution systems that allow us to access clean water, clean air, instant communication, and reliable energy. We interact with the built environment every day without thinking of it, yet without it, our modern quality of life would be impossible.