Colman Dock in Seattle

The replacement project for Seattle’s Multimodal Terminal at Colman Dock, one of the world’s busiest ferry terminals, today was showcased by local officials and engineers as part of the Engineering and Public Works Roadshow. The Colman Dock serves as an example of how comprehensive infrastructure investment can promote equity within a community and drive economic growth. 

Supporting more than 10 million passengers for Washington State Ferries each year, the Colman Dock plays a critical role as a transportation hub for residents throughout the region and is recognized as a landmark along Seattle’s scenic waterfront. As the structures were aging and vulnerable to seismic impacts, the reconstruction of the dock and terminal to better withstand environmental impacts also included expanding facilities to accommodate additional passengers and vendors, turning the terminal into a local attraction for Seattle residents and visitors.

Effective project management has allowed for Washington State Ferries to continue serving its 10 million annual passengers without delay from the construction process of the project. 

Watch the Event

Watch the Engineering and Public Works Roadshow stop at the Colman Dock in Seattle on April 3.

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